It’s that time of year again, we’re all in a hurry to make sure the kids have enough binders and erasers – but what about the teachers? I’ve got you covered with punny and practical necessities!

You could never go wrong with a Carry-All Pouch! Whether it be my Teacher Duties design shown above or my 2B Or Not 2B design – these pouches are available in 3 sizes which means they could hold anything from pencils to books… even emergency chocolate 🙂

2B Or Not 2B Pouch

Teachers need their tea to get them through the day at the top of their game – soooooo why not enjoy your tea in a fitting Tea-Cher Mug!

Tea--cher Mug

Now Let’s Get Information with a cute Tote Bag to help you carry around those heavy textbooks!

Let's Get Information Tote Bag

Considering you spend most of your day inside your classroom, you should add some flare to the walls and really make it YOUR classroom… This inspirational Framed Art Print is short, sweet and available in a variety of frame styles!

Teach Encourage Inspire Framed Art Print

No classroom is complete without a Wall Clock – so why not a design that is a reminder of how awesome you really are!

World's Greatest Teacher Wall Clock

Let’s raise our mugs to the new school year and the amazing teachers that truly shape our future! Thank you! *clink-clink* 🙂