Ahhhhh birthdays… a day for celebration, laughs and cake! But there always seems to be a lingering stress cloud over getting the “perfect” gift. *Cue epic hero entrance music* – that’s where I come in!

In my books a smile is a great gift all in itself and if you can get a laugh – even better! Let’s start our list with a fan FAVE. The photo above is of my Go Shawty It’s Sherbert Day Mug right before it was all wrapped up in cellophane for my aunt’s birthday! The pun will not only have you guys singing throughout the day, but filling the mug with tasty treats, yummy teas or jellybeans is the perfect addition to make a great gift even better! Plus who doesn’t love chocolate 🙂

Let’s keep it in the mug family for this next one, with my Tea Party Travel Mug! This will not only keep them smiling but also keep their tea piping hot – or cold, whatever their preference may be!

Tea Party Travel Mug

If a cake ever asks you You Wanna Piece Of Me? – your answer should always be: YES!


How about a little reminder that even though birthdays only come once a year, you can still Party Owl The Time!


I told you – I’m here to help relieve the stress! So even if it is down to the wire, no time to run to the store and you’re in desperate need of a card… instantly download one from my Etsy shop! Crisis averted 🙂


Now let’s celebrate! Where’s that cake? 😛