School is now in session! Schedules are filled with reading and writing, but be sure to leave some openings for laughter and punnies! I’ve got what you need to keep you smiling throughout the year and help with productivity too…

We all tend to need some liquid energy to help us start our day and if coffee is your choice, my Coffee-Saur Mug will do just the trick! Whether you drink coffee, tea or a yummy fruit smoothie, I’ve got you covered – and my Smart Cookie mug somehow makes milk and cookies taste even better!


Available in 3 sizes, Carry-All Pouches are perfect for carrying anything from pencils to books. This “triple threat” punny design makes for a great Pencil Case!


Tote-Bags are perfect for holding your heavy textbooks, and this one also gives you a punny excuse to get out of going anywhere you don’t want to!


… And if you really are spending your weekend reading, this Throw Pillow will keep you comfy!


When proofreading your essays, you’ll need to be wearing your Grammar Police T-Shirt!


I know we can all reach that point when the stress is high and we want to just stop – so pause, take a sip of hot chocolate and Just Keep Going