The weather has cooled, the leaves are beginning to fall, there’s a certain smell in the air… Could it be? The people are lining up in the streets! It must be here! Pumpkin Spice Season is officially upon us!

I have a collection of punnies to show off your love for the famous PSL! Let’s start with a piece of home decor we all love – Throw Pillows! I have an ever-growing collection, they’re so comfy, cute and awesome for building forts! 😛 The Power Couple design shown above is a fan fave and the dynamic duo that started it all. Below, things are getting a little flirty for fall with my Let’s Spice Things Up punny!


Now, I don’t think you’re going to want to walk around carrying pillows to show your PSL love – so let’s get you some pumpkin spiced swag! Again we have our famous couple representing on a Tank Top


…or this adorable T-Shirt that’s also perfect if you’re a Game Of Thrones fan!


Whether you’re carrying around some coffee cash or Starbucks gift cards, this Carry-All Pouch gets right to the point!


This one’s just self explanatory… could there BE a more fitting Mug? (please read that in Chandler Bing’s voice)


A friendly reminder on a super cute Tote Bag to always read the fine print…


And for when there are simply no words to describe how much you love pumpkin spice, just take it to go in this Travel Mug!


I’d love to see you enjoying your PSL with my punny gear, so be sure to tag me in your Instagram photos (@alittleleafy) and you could be featured on my page! Cheers to a yummy season! 🙂