Throwing a Halloween Party? I have everything you need to make your Monster Mash a spook-tacular hit, all the way down to the invitations! Well, okay I don’t have candy… so you should probably still go out and get some! 😛

Let’s get your home dressed for the occasion! Right when your guests step through the door, welcome them with a spooky Rug like the one pictured above! Then as they walk through let’s carry the theme by using the simplest of decor accents. This is one of the 3000 reasons I love Throw Pillows – just by having it on the sofa it will instantly add a whole new feel to the room! Whether it has a bold pop of colour, a crazy pattern or even a certain pumpkin that goes by the name of Jack…


Let’s talk about the room that tends to be ignored, but will most likely be seen by at least one of your guests – the bathroom! Putting up some spooky Towels or Shower Curtain is just what you need to get the look without cluttering the small space with knick-knacks!


With all the party planning, I wouldn’t want you to forget about a costume! This Shirt will do quite nicely as a back-up or you know… as my outfit for all of October! 😛


Have your party guests say “Cheers” with only the finest punny Mugs!


In my opinion, you’re never too old for a goodie bag and bonus points if the Bag itself is a treat!


Of course before the party can even happen, we need to inform your guests… so you’ll be needing some Invites!


And if your guests are in the older crowd, you can tell them to BYOB in the punniest way possible! 😛


I hope you have a spook-tacular party and a very happy Halloween! But seriously, don’t forget the candy! 🙂