October 31st is just around the corner, is your home Halloween ready? With all of the stores already stocked for the holidays, there’s no spooky decor left in sight, unless you want the few damaged items shoved in the clearance corner… okay, this is starting to start like a real horror story! Don’t stress, my digital printables are perfect for getting your home ready for a haunted holiday! So sit back, relax, grab a handful of candy and let’s get punny…

I’ll introduce you to some of my fave punny characters who would be delighted to be in your home – let’s begin with Jack! As you can see in the photo above, he and his friend, Pumpkin, are always ready for a good chuckle. And here they are again below, punny as ever! (Click on the images to view in the shop) 🙂


Next is my friend, Mummy! Mummy has a ton of talents and will make sure your Halloween party has the best music for all of your guests to enjoy! 😛


Meet Jack’s family, each with their own unique personality!


I introduce to your the definition of #SquadGoals for the season…


This wicked witch would be an awesome addition to your kitchen!


And while we’re on the topic, not all witches are bad – they’re wickedly awesome!


Okay, the Sanderson sisters may have given them a bad rep – but hey, it’s all just a bunch of hocus pocus! 😛


Welcome your guests with a classic sign…


… and let the trick or treaters know you’re open for business! 😛


You see, decorating last minute isn’t so scary after all! 😉

Happy Halloween!