Alright, I have a confession to make. I absolutely love using pumpkins for Halloween decorations but I can’t stand the smell when I’m carving and cleaning them out! So this year I decided to ditch the sharp edges and stinky guts, and picked up a paintbrush instead! I’ll take you through the steps on how I turned these two little pumpkins into some yummy treats for the eyes! 😛

First things first, let’s gather our supplies! You’ll need:

  • paintbrushes
  • a bowl or palette for your paint
  • a cup of water for your paintbrushes
  • a surface that you don’t mind getting messy (I used a large piece of recycled paper)
  • paint (I chose to use acrylic, because it is thick and doesn’t take too long to dry)
  • pumpkins (you can pick any sizes you like, I chose to go with two smaller ones)

Once you’re set up, the fun begins! I chose to paint two original glazed donuts with icing and sprinkles. To get the colour I was going for, I mixed together Tan and Yellow Orchard in my bowl. I then painted the pumpkins in two coats to make sure you couldn’t see any orange poking through the paint. I chose to paint my stems as well to have them blend in and then I left them alone to dry for a few hours.

Once they’re completely dry, it’s time to add the icing! I chose to make one with pink and the other with white icing. It’s very important to go slow with your brush strokes on this part, as the bumps and ridges on the pumpkin make it a little tough to move your brush the way you would on a flat surface. I began in the centre of my pumpkin, painting a circle to outline the “hole”.

I then continued to paint around each circle until I reached the point on my pumpkin of where I would like the icing to stop. I painted two coats and then let it dry.

Now, for the best part… SPRINKLES! 🙂 I chose to use a small, rectangular brush and very little water. Instead of painting them on using brushstrokes, I simply dabbed the tip of the brush in the paint, and then softly dabbed the brush onto the pumpkin.

I continued to do so with random dabbing and different colours until the donuts were sprinkled to my liking!

I now have two very SWEET pumpkins that look good enough to eat!

Not only will these look amazing with your Halloween decorations, but also alongside some donut punnies from my shop! I hope you enjoyed this tasty tutorial and be sure to tag me (@alittleleafy) in your Instagram pumpkin pics, I’d love to see how they turned out! Have a safe and SWEET Halloween! 😛