November is here and there’s something happening in this month, hmmm… what was it again? Oh yeah – MY BIRTHDAY! 😀 To celebrate I’ve added ALL NEW Custom Invite designs to my Etsy shop, perfect for those punny party planners – such as myself!

Let’s begin with some foodie themed festivities. I put the party in Tea Partywith the punny invitation pictured above! For those party goers with a sweet tooth you could never go wrong with some good ol’ fashioned birthday cake!
(Pssst… click on the photos to view in the shop!) 😛


I definitely DONUT want to miss any party that’s serving donuts! 😛


Giraffes, penguins and bears – oh my! This invite is perfect to invite your friends from the jungle, forest, desert – you name it!


For those with friends under the sea, this mermaid themed invite is meant to be! Not to mention beach party decor is super fun to make!


And if your party is set in a prehistoric era, I’ve got the perfect invite for dinos from young to old!


Whatever be the theme you choose, I hope all of your celebrations are filled with laughs and fun new memories! So what do you say, let’s get this party started! 😀