Who says you have to be a chef to be a foodie? I enjoy eating, so here we are! 😛
I’ve created a gift guide with my top food puns to make your holiday shopping a little less stressful and a whole lot tastier!

Let’s begin this list with the kitchen in mind. A great way of decorating and adding some pop to plain, boring walls is by creating a photo collage! Mix and match sizes of my Framed Prints to get the perfect look. This can be the start of a great gift trend and you can continue to add to the collection with future gifts! This cheesy pun is one of my faves!
(Click on the photos to view in the shop) 🙂


Fill their kitchen cupboards with punny mugs!


These two are great for those with a sweet tooth!


Donut ever be late with this awesome Wall Clock!


This phone case is both punny and practical!


When you give no forks and just want to take a nap, this pillow is perfection!


Brighten up a bathroom with a vibrant shower curtain…


… or some tasty looking towels!


Carry the food patterns into the bedroom with a fun duvet cover!


Or a throw blanket for the TV room! This one is great for pizza night 😛


Go green, literally, and take this awesome tote with you to the grocery store!


If you take your computer on the go, chances are you’re going to need a fast food pick-me-up from time to time!


This hoodie is basically my life…


These tops are in fact my TOP picks from customers! They always bring smiles and laughs!


As always, with every gift you should have a card to go with it!


I hope this sparked some fun gift ideas for you! I’m off now to raid my fridge… XD