Summer is here and I’ve got a ton of Punny Beach Towels that you’re sure to love! I love my using mine and showing off my status as a Certified Mermaid!:D

These designs are so majestic that you’ll glisten with glitter in the sun! Click on the photos to view in the shop!

I love a good succulent pun! 😛you-suc-beach-towelssuns-out-guns-out-9o7-beach-towels

BBQ anyone?!suns-out-buns-out-qej-beach-towels

Popsicles are my fave summertime treat…popsicle-pattern-8qv-beach-towels

…even this grumpy one!

But nothing will ever beat my love for pizza!pizza-pattern-sm1-beach-towels

I love pineapples too – just not ON my pizza! 😛pineapple-pattern-dv4-beach-towels

Look pretty in pink palms with this one!pink-palm-leaves--white-background-beach-towels

And super glam laying on a magical make-up mess!scattered-makeup-pattern-ply-beach-towels

That’s some solid advice right there…seas-the-day-fya-beach-towels

This is me.restingbeachface-beach-towels

Be sure to snap some punny beach pics and share your photos with me @alittleleafy – you may be featured on my page! 😀