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Beach, Please!

These puns are beachin’…

Summer is here and Iโ€™ve got a ton of Punny Beach Towels that youโ€™re sure to love! I love my using mine and showing off my status as aย Certified Mermaid!:D

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Donut Lovers Unite

Calling all Donut lovers! I’ve sprinkled the blog with a bunch of super SWEET punnies you are sure to love… ๐Ÿ˜›

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Tank You!

Sun’s Out – Puns Out! I’ve got punny tanks to keep you cool in the heat and smiling all throughout the season!

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Beach, Please!

Summer is here and I’ve got a ton of Punny Beach Towels that you’re sure to love! I love my using mine and showing off my status as aย Certified Mermaid!:D

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Just In Case

Have you ever picked up your phone and then have that moment of panic because you realized that’s actually NOT your phone? I have! It’s so easy to grab the wrong one of a table, because most of them look exactly the same! Solution: personalize it with a punny phone case! ๐Ÿ˜›

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Customize All The Things!

What’s new in my Etsy Shop? I’ve been adding tons of new goodies waiting to be customized! Punny printables are perfect for any and all occasions – let me take you through some of the fan faves!

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Sweet Tags!

Valentine’s Day is in just a few days, but with the magic of Printable Tags – procrastinators such as myself can still come out on top! I’ve loaded my Etsy Shop with tons of fun printable tags for the occasion and they’re perfect to tie to a bag of goodies for students, co-workers, friends – you name it! The best part is you can just print as you need them. ๐Ÿ˜€ Each set comes with 3 designs, let me show you…

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Tag All The Things!

This past holiday season I introduced Printable Tagsย to my shop and the response from you all was amazing! So I figured, why not make some more – after all gift giving happens all year long!

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Wish List: Coffee Lovers

Gift giving season is upon us and I want to make it as stress free as possible. After all, it’s a season that should be filled with laughter and joy – there’s no room for worries! I’m working on creating a bunch of wish lists for you to help you find the perfect gifts for the ones you love and it all starts today. I present to you my wish list of great giftsย that will have coffee lovers saying “Thanks A Latte!” ๐Ÿ˜›

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